Board of Directors:

Claude Goodman, President and founder of CareWheels, is an inventor with seven patents in the field of biomedical engineering, and decades of experience in health-sciences related research, development and technology transfer as a guest scientist at the University of California, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. He serves as a Consortium Council Member on ORCATECH - the Oregon Center for Aging & Technology, and has served on the Technology Clearinghouse workgroup of CAST - the Center for Aging Services Technologies of LeadingAge.

Ueli Stadler, Treasurer, also serves as President of the Lake Oswego Transitional Shelter Ministry. He is the Manager of the Reed College Bookstore, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the academic needs of the Reed community in Portland, Oregon.

Toni Goodman, Secretary, is a writer and educator, who has served on the board of the Oregon Association for Talented and Gifted. She has been a public and private school teacher as well as a case manager at Women in Need, a transitional shelter for homeless women and their children in New York City.

Bill Currey brings his 40 years of retail management experience in college bookstores, including: responsibility for operations, supervision, revenue generation, financial analysis, database utilization and assistance with systems design.

Eric Dishman is the Director of the National Institute of Health's All of Us Research Program. He is also an Intel Fellow and and General Manager of Intel Health and Life Sciences Group where he was responsible for driving global R&D for new healthcare and wellness-related technologies across the continuum of care from hospital to home. He founded Intel's first Health Research & Innovation Lab and has served as the National Chairman of CAST.


Alan DeLaTorre, Ph.D, Age-Friendly Cities Program Manager; Comprehensive & Strategic Planning, City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

Mark Leavitt, MD, Ph.D, Founder, Wearable Health Labs, LLC, experimenter, maker, mentor and consultant in wearable health technologies, drawing on his lifelong experience in the fields of engineering and medicine.

Stephen Thielke, Assistant Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington, and Investigator, Geriatric Research, Education, and Clinical Center, Seattle VA Medical Center; advises about psychological and social issues related to aging and care transitions.

Christopher Scaffidi, Assistant Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Oregon State University; advises about software engineering, data visualization and technology implementation.

Shannon Mejía, Ph.D. Student, Center for Healthy Aging Research, Oregon State University; advises about psycho-social co-support processes, research design and project evaluation.

Roger Auerbach, former CareWheels Director and Administrator of the Senior and Disabled Services Division of the Oregon Department of Human Services. He is a consultant for the Lewin Group, Center for Long Term Care.

Holly Jimison, former CareWheels Director, Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Engineering, Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU). She has also served as a CAST Consortium Council Member and Principal Investigator on the project: Monitoring Computer Interactions in the Elderly. As a faculty member at OHSU, she served as Director of the Informed Patient Decisions Group, conducting research on methods to enable patients to be active and informed participants in their medical care decisions.

Catherine Webber, former CareWheels Director, brought three decades of experience in management, social work, technology and medical fields to the Project. As a State Senator, Catherine chaired the Oregon’s Senate Education Committee and the Joint House and Senate Committee on Information Technology. While the Assistant Administrator for business services at VRD, she oversaw the implementation of three successful statewide computer systems.

Laura Brinster, former Pine Point Project Research Participant, Internet-Enabled Assistive Technologies.

Lennea Lynne, former Pine Point Project Research Participant, Internet-Enabled Assistive Technologies.