CareWheels Research has identified 3 key criteria for empowering elders and driving gerontech innovation adoption:

  1. technologies that empower - rather than objectify - boomers and elders,
  2. solutions that address the social determinants of health before medicalizing aging,
  3. objectives that harness interdependence as an effective means to achieve independence.


Eric Dishman, Intel Fellow and general manager of Health and Life Sciences, sees social health technologies as low-hanging fruit and advocates to shift care homeward.

Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School Professor, has defined 2 key disruptive innovations in health care that facilitate this shift:

1. Point-of-Care disruptions happen when treatments that were previously performed in a hospital may now be done at home.

2. Provider-level disruptions happen when diagnoses and procedures that previously required physicians can now be done as self-care because methods have been codified and procedures automated with technology.

Alvin Toffler, futurist and author of The Third Wave, coined the term Prosumer. CareWheels Research revealed a third innovation: Prosumer-level disruptions that happen when gerontech empowered Prosumers exchange mutual care services that harness the network effect of reciprocal interdependence to achieve faster and greater adoption rates.

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