CareWheels CareBank Presentation

TechFestNW 2017

CareWheels Founder Claude Goodman pitched the CareBank at Portland, Oregon’s TechFestNW 2017 and showed the first public demo of the CareBank, which integrates Internet of Things based TeleCare and TimeBanking into a Mobile App, to take better care of ourselves by taking good care of each other.



CareWheels "Disruptive Aging" Presentation

Oregon Gerontological Association 2016

CareWheels Founder Claude Goodman gave a presentation at the Oregon Gerontological Association 2016 Annual Conference in which he explored the disruptive potential of Gerontechnology and presented the CareBank Model of Interdependent Care, which integrates TeleCare remote sensor monitoring and TimeBanking to convert our surplus human capital into shared social capital, empowering people to live interdependently, take better care of each other, and uphold the social determinants of health.



The Future of Home Health Care

National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine

Intel Fellow Eric Dishman gave a keynote presentation in which he used CareWheels’ original Living Lab research to illustrate the potential of innovative tech-empowered care models to deliver triple-win benefits for frail elders, working age people with disabilities and health care providers. For your convenience, I've queued up Eric's hour+ presentation to the point where he introduces the CareWheels TeleCare Project: