Woman with Tablet at Restaurant
We should fund what more likely nourishes older years:
companionship, freedom, all the arts, nature, silence, service, simplicity, and safety.
James Hillman, The Force of Character


Holding an iPad or Tablet between your hands feels like cradling someone’s face in a way that allows for a much more powerful and personal connection than sitting in front of a computer screen. A touch-screen tablet can be turned into an ever-changing Digital Photo Frame and Video Phone to keep you in touch by connecting you into family and friends circles:

YogaPad KidsFamilyCircle


Connection: promotes greater inclusion in our networked information society in a personally touching and meaningful way. Increase opportunities for family interactions, using the Tablet as a tool to help build intergenerational bridges with today’s connected grandchildren.

Empowerment: offers opportunities for lifelong learning, from online classes, to hobbies, to health information. Store and access exercise, sleep, nutrition and health-related data on the Tablet to practice better self-care and promote independence, reducing the need for assistance and postponing the possibility of institutional living.

Reminiscence: build bridges between the past and the present. Telling one’s life story on the Tablet helps build a feeling of coherence in life. Sharing a memoir that may include childhood memories, stories, digitized family photographs, audio and movie clips can help relieve feelings of loneliness and revive the sense of meaningful life.

Entertainment: the Tablet provides easy access to meaningful music, movies, photos, news and stories. For example, according to Dan Cohen, founder of the nonprofit organization Music & Memory, personalized music has the capacity to touch our hearts, reawaken our souls and uncover the deepest parts of our humanity. See Alive Inside - Music and Memory – his film about music's ability to combat memory loss and reconnect with withdrawn patients suffering from dementia, which won the Audience Award at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

We can help you get started with a new personalized Tablet system for less than $500 and provide additional consulting and system customization, training and ongoing tech support.* We can help you connect to a wealth of educational and entertainment resources: audio books, eBooks, music and movies - many for free from your library and other online sources.

* Consulting available on a requested fee basis with sliding-scale consideration for eligible clients such as Medicaid recipients. We serve the metro Portland Oregon area directly and are also available for phone and video consultations. For more information, please callPhoneNumber 10Bldor Contact Us.